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Monitor: 3.5"
Monitor: 3.5"
Monitor: 3.5"

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*** Note: BehindSight Backup Camera Wireless System is not compatible with most diesel vehicles. ***

Q:  All I see is snow/black screen every time I put my car in reverse?

A: This means that there is no communication between the camera and the monitor.

        • Check the connection of the camera to the reverse light. Make sure all the wirings are secure and tighten.
        • Refer to your vehicle manual for wiring information of the reverse lighting. Make sure that the red wire from the camera is connected to the positive wire of the reverse light and the black wire of the camera is connected to the ground wiring of the reverse light and not to the body of the vehicle.
        • If you are using the Scotch-Loc remove them and connect the wires together directly, or by some other source.  Sometimes the scotch-locs actually inhibit a good connection when the wires are not the same size (gauge).
Q:  What is the maximum working distance of the system?

A: The system will work up to 30 feet depending on the amount of interference between the camera and the monitor.

Q:  Why is the image on the screen upside down?

A:  You can change the orientation of the image by pressing the rotate button on the monitor until you get the desired image orientation.

Q:  What is the purpose of the blue wire on the monitor wiring harness?

A:  The blue wire is an optional wire that can be connected to another power source preferably the reverse light wiring. This will act as a trigger to turn the monitor on as soon as the car is placed in reverse.

Q:  Why am I seeing a lot of interference and rolling lines when I use the system?

A:  Since the system is a wireless, other wireless devices can interfere with the signal between the monitor and the camera. Mobile phones and other devices that use wireless technology can interfere with the system. Turn off other wireless devices and you will notice the interference goes away. Try moving the monitor around the dashboard to get a better signal and away from other wireless devices. Also, you can try to move the antenna around to try and find a place with better reception.  Try keeping it away from power lines.  NOTE: Position the antenna for the best reception before closing up the paneling.

Q:  When it is bright outside, is it normal for the screen to take awhile to show the actual image?

A:  Yes, the camera takes awhile to normalize and stabilize when it is bright outside.  Usually between 0-10 seconds depending on the brightness.

Q:  How can I check if my camera is getting any power?

A:  Check for the following:

    1. Make sure the connection of the camera to the reverse light is secure.
    2. Do a “Light Test”
      • Cover the light sensor on the top casing of the camera.
      • If the camera is getting power, the 6 LED lights in front of the camera, 3 on each side of the lens should light up.
    3. Use a volt meter to check for voltage after the camera connection.
    4. Directly connect camera to the car battery. If you bench test the camera, please ensure that the battery is outputing 12V.

Note: For the unit to function properly, it needs to get a good 12V connection.