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Q: If my car gets stolen can I find it using the GPS Tracker?

A: No, this product is a passive non-real time tracker. The data needs to be downloaded from the device to the computer to figure out where the vehicle has been.


Q: Can the tracker track boats on waterways and in the ocean?

A: Yes, but it will only show the coordinates.


Q: Does it track in real time?

A: No, it shows you speed and coordinates every time it refreshes the screen. This can be set to refresh as fast as a few seconds. But it does not track your travel path in real time. You have to allow it to record your travel path, and then connect it to a computer to see it.


Q: How do you see the streets that were driven on after the data has been saved?

A: You can click on the Google Earth button (assuming you have it installed) and it will show you on a map the exact path that you have taken.


Q: How can you print the maps on Google Earth?

A: Please refer to online help and documentaion for Google Earth at the Google Website.


Q: If you connect more than one Tracker to a computer at a time (like in a fleet of vehicles), could you save each file as that specific vehicle on the computer?

A: Yes you can. You just have to save each one under its own unique file name.


Q: Can I go online and connect to a sit to see in real time where the position of tracker?

A: No, you can not. This is a non-real time tracking unit. You need to download the data from the tracker to see a previously traveled path.


Q: Does it require a subscription to use it?

A: No it doesn’t. It can be used right out of the box as is.


Q: How long does the battery last?

A: 16 hours for Navigation mode and 160 for Sport used intermittently.


Q: My time is wrong when I upload the data. Why?

A: Because you must set it to the correct time zone.  Each zone has a corresponding number that should be used when calibrating the unit.  You can find it in the instructions.


Q: My tracker froze in USB mode. What should I do?

A: You can hold down the INFO button for about 5-10 seconds until it turns off. Then turn it back on and it should be fine.


Q: How can I see the speed that was traveled?

A: Please download TrackStat to view vehicle speed.


Q: I put the tracker in my car backwards and the reading on the map wasn’t where I had traveled.  Why?

A: You have to calibrate it before you use it or it may not give you the correct previously traveled locations.


Q: How can I see how long I was at a place? 

A: You can look at the longitudinal and latitudinal data to see when it is the same, then look at what time it started to be the same and count from there.  If you are moving the longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates change, but if you are not moving then they won’t change and that’s when you can see how long you were stopped.


Q: How do I install the program?

A: Load and install the software from the CD included with the GPS Tracker. Normally, the software will start automatically. In case the install program does not start automatically, go into "My Computer" and double click the CD drive to access the setup file.


Q: How do you make it display in miles/ hour?

A: It displays in km/hr when you look at the unit while driving, but once you connect it to your PC, you will see miles/hour.


Q: How many hours/How much data can be recorded before it’s full?

A: There is 4mb of memory and it can record up to 16000 points. Based on being set to 5 second interval recordings, the battery will last up to 8 hours.


Q: How many hours does it need to be charged?

A: It should be charged for about 6 hours.


Q: If the batteries die, will it still save the previously recorded data? 

A:Yes the data will be saved and you can view it the next time you recharge the unit and upload the data.


Q: I keep getting the wrong date when I upload the data recording to my computer. How can I fix this? 

A: Update the device firmware to solve this issue.